Jeff Levin is singer, guitar player and songwriter who has been playing around New England for over twenty years. Originally in a blues band called Honest Ed’s, a highly renowned regional act that produced the cd “Ain’t Gonna Beg,” Jeff’s creative songwriting and playing have led him towards a different range of expression of late, culminating in the new cd, “Makes Good Sense to Try.”

Jeff has always had the good fortune to perform and record with some of Boston’s best musicians including Bobby Keyes, Kevin Barry, Forrest Padgett, Tom West, Sean Hurley and Paul Kochanski.

Jeff can belt out the blues or sing and play a quieter tune with enormous feeling and conviction.

Hoping to not only find acclaim with his songwriting and performances, Jeff also would love to discover a way to inspire his listeners towards the kinds of changes they’d like to make in their lives and the lives of their families, friends and communities.

“I deeply hope my music and the art of other forward-thinking, independent artists can continue to have a positive effect on people, opening their minds and hearts and inspiring a new sense of rebellion, if you will, of taking back our consciousnesses from corporations and politicians. I find myself writing about my own struggle with this modern culture, my struggle to believe in myself, to do the next right thing - fear sure gets in the way.

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