jeff levin

Hermano's on  January 23, 2010

I'm putting together a band to do a gig in Concord, NH at Hermano's on  January 23.  It's good to be back in rehearsals taking a look at some  tunes from both my cd's and some cool originals. I'll be working to line up gigs where folks come to listen and enjoy. 

Coming Soon to

Tupelo Hall, Londonderry, NH
Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT
Atwood's, Cambridge, MA
opening up for the Allman Brothers!

I'm also hoping to sell some songs and have my work heard by many more  people. Though it's more in the category of vision than news, the hope is to  have a great time playing fantastic music with great friends and, more  importantly, help you, the listener, find the inspiration you need.

Hope you're listening to one of both of my cd's and hope to see you at  a gig - please be in touch!